The Spa Sonic Facial Care System

I was sent this product to review.

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Get yours from for .00 (regular price .99) on Tuesday, April 30, 2013!

I was sent this product to review.

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    I been using these for years. I can not live with out them. Right now i have the Clarisonic pro only because i got it at IBS and spa NYC. For travel i have the olay professional pro x advanced cleansing system. I have lost a Clarisonic on one of my trips. ­čÖü I also use the dermalnew this one i can not live with out. LOVE IT!!!!´╗┐

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    Wouldnt it have been easier to buy clarisonic outright´╗┐

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    I use the clarisonic it is my favorite the olay one is ok.´╗┐

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    I was sent the SpaSonic for review. The other two brushes together don't total up to half the cost of a Clarisonic at full price. Waiting to get a Clarisonic next time I see one on QVC on easy pay.´╗┐

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    I'm looking forward to trying the Clarisonic!´╗┐

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    I'm looking into the Clarisonic Aria. That's the new one.´╗┐

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    No, I bought them at the beauty supply in a package. they were $1.99. I have a pic on instagram of them.´╗┐

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    I got to see the Clarisonic Aria at the IBS show in NYC. Its nice really good to travel with. But i have to give it a year or so before i get it. Just in cause there any problems. Its been 3yrs that the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusionand come out so I got it at the show with a extra Clarisonic pro. Both were $160. I must say that Opal also is helping with my sinus.. LOL!!´╗┐

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    i didn't see you at the natural hair show. Did you go? thanks for the video.´╗┐

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    I Just purchased this as soon as I finished watching this video. I remembered that I had a $10 gift card and used it towards the purchase of this product. I paid $38.52 including tax. I knew I was holding on to the card for a reason. This is my mother's day gift.´╗┐

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    So glad you were able to take advantage of the deal!!!! You will love it:)´╗┐

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    What natural hair show???´╗┐

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    I want one!´╗┐

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    I made an "investment" in the Clarisonic Aria b/c I was having issues with my skin. I've been using my Aria for about a month now. So far I like using it as my cleaner. It cleans my face way better than me using my hands or an exfoliating pad.´╗┐

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    Is that brash vibrate or goes around in Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face & Body Polisher?´╗┐

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    It spins around in a circle.´╗┐

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    Nice review. I currently am using the Rite Aid version I picked up for $20. I can feel a difference. However I am looking forward to trying this one out!´╗┐

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    just saw they sell this at walkgreens, im going to go pick one up and try it out!I was considering the Calrisonic but could never see myself spending 200 on a face brush!!´╗┐

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    $39.00 at Costco´╗┐

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    how often do you use the machine to clean yr face?´╗┐

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