Night Time Skin Care Routine + DIY Facial Cleanser & Scrub! Coupon Code: karinapro
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Hey girl hey! Here’s my night time skin care routine! Let me know what kind of routine videos you’d like to see because i’m thinking of filming some! Hope you enjoyed!

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Thanks so much for watching! Love you!

20 comments on “Night Time Skin Care Routine + DIY Facial Cleanser & Scrub!

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    you look way different without your makeup

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    I just wanna say you are beatiful without makeup I'm not just saying that to be nice I mean it from my heart

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    who watching in 2016

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    She is beautiful with and without makeup! She is also beautiful on the inside! I love you, Karina, don't let anyone bring you down!

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    Do u have braces?btw I'm a huge fan!!🙎

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    stitches on the background give me life thank you for this Karina

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    Karina do a morning routine please 👍👍👍👍👍👍😃😃😃👍👍👍👍😃

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    Will honey & sugar work as a face scrub?

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    love your videos. you are awesome and inspirational.

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    she looks so different without makeup woahhhh

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    is it The camera or you don't have eyebrows???

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    Or get the $100 one the discount works also.

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    Did the scrub work for anyone?

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    Loved your recipe for the pumpkin spice facial mask . I'm so using that one , I need to make one so I was checking Google and found this !! 👍👍

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    karina garcia u look pretty with and without makeup #nomakeup

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    can i use only honey.

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    Amariah Tarango haha yes! I can't type😂

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    She's so pale

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    karina can i use the exfoliating brush with face soap

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