How I “Fixed” My Droopy Hooded Eyelids

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20 comments on “How I “Fixed” My Droopy Hooded Eyelids

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    hi Angie,I've been watching you from the beginning, your eyes do look amazingly improved! Maybe another reason for the improvement [at least when compared to your early videos] is that your camera placement is higher now? In the beginning you filmed more straight on. Anyway, you look great! Also, where did you get the pretty bralette or cami that you're wearing?

  2. -

    Your make up is perfect in this video! Absolutely stunning!

  3. -

    Is retinol and retin a the same thing?

  4. -

    I think hooded eyes make people look a lot younger. There isn't that sunken-in hollow gap between the brow bone and eye lid. That wide gap is what makes people look old. I wish I had hooded eyes.

  5. -

    Aww Angie…you shouldn't have to explain to your viewers what all you do or have done to your skin in the past, to any of your viewers! It's not any of their business!People can be so ruthless and hurtful …they just don't realize how ignorant they sound. You're a very successful lady that has shared her knowledge and experience, so that wecan all benefit and learn from it. So thank you Angie, from all the appreciative viewers!!Shuga McCain

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    Thank you for this; it's sad though that u have to prove to some people that you are natural.. Xx

  7. -

    watch all your videos. all wonderful. thx..

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    I am curious about your application method for Retin A. I have a prescription, but find it is very irritating. How do you apply it and do you do anything to avoid irritation or dry, flaky skin as a result of the treatment?

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    l' m from Brasil, l like your vídeos , Sorry my english :)

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    I've been sleeping on my back for years but when I added a neck brace (at my chiropractor's urging to help arthritis) and neck support pillow I noticed a big reduction in wrinkling on my neck and chin area. I love seeing my smooth neck every morning! Thank you for your videos. I've enjoyed them for a long time now. Always informative :)

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    You look beautiful. One thing I would say is that your eyebrows are so far apart, it makes your face too plain. It makes sort of too much white space on the canvas if that makes sense.

  12. -

    I beat those ppl who said they can see the scars feel like FOOLS now. Keep your accusing mouths shut.

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    I have an Obagi Brand retinol, it is an 1.0 and I have a prescription for tretinoin cream .025. Number 1, is Tretinoin cream the same as Retin A and which do you think I'm getting a more benefit from, the Obagi retinol 1.0 or the prescription cream? Thanks Angie!

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    Your hair looks way better, too! Are you doing the same routine that you showed us with the T3 dryer and Alterna CC cream or have you switch something up?

  15. -

    Castor oil makes eye lashes grow…I had amazing results after a few months.

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    I like how ppl are saying 'makeup doesn't make that much of a difference…' It's like they forgot what contouring is and how a person can practically change the look of their bone structure by doing it. She looks great and it's obvious she puts in the time and effort to do so.

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    The lashes are masking the lid. See this clearly at 3:10 into the video.

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    I just found your channel and I am so happy I did. I am 40 and you don't see a lot of women in our age range here. I love all your videos especially foundation for women with some fine lines. I just picked up Nyx foundation drops from Ulta. love to see you do a video on it. think it will work great for us. keep doing what you do.

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    That looks really good! Great results!

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    im learning a lot from your tutorials,thank and Happy new @@

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