Dr. Kotlus tells how to fix a droopy eyelid

A droopy eyelid (blepharoptosis) can be corrected with a surgical procedure termed “ptosis repair”. Dr. Kotlus explains this procedure and how it restores eyelid balance.

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    Would you recommend this type of surgery for a child born with droopy eyelids. My daughter is 5 soon to be 6 and she has droopy eyelids. Having them has caused her great agony and she fears interactions with other children. I fear having this problem will continue to effect her social behavior now and in later life. What would you recommend?

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    I wish I could get this done :/

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    He looks so good at his job. My surgery when I was 10 botched mine. I wish someone like him did my surgery. 

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    I have natural ptosis left eye, I had survey/muscle tight/ last august. It looks exactly still same. My doctor will do again this end October. How many time need to adjust? 

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    Is It Possible To Have Both? My Eyelid Covers My Pupil and My Eyelid Skin is Puffy and Hangs a Little Over My Crease. I'm 19 Would You Recommend I Do Anything About it. It Bothers Me

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    is there any way to fix it besides surgery …or can u suggest any type of exercise to decrease it?

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    i have been born with a natural ptosis on my left eyelid. i still have it to this day at the age of 16. with my droopy lefteyelid, i cant seem to be able to control how to widen my left eye and such but can only open and close it. and when i sleep, apparently, my left eye is open. if i were to correct this, would i be able to control my left eye? like making my eyes look bigger by raising my eyebrows? if i sleep, would my left eye be open? since the surgery is to tighten the muscles after all. and does this ptosis surgery repair generally an affordable price to pay or is it quite expensive?

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    Omgee..ur amazing. My sister have that kind of droopy eyelid and thought it can never be fixed until we watch ur video. Could you perhaps give us an approximate amount of how much this surgery would cost. Cheers.

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    My eyelid is drooping on the right side, and I recently discovered a chalazion on the inside of the lid. I have been using a hot compress on my eye every three hours, and I'm wondering if this is something that will go away on it's own. I'd really not like to get surgery as I cannot afford it.

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    my eyes have same problem …

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    Can eye exercises strengthen the eyelid, thus avoiding surgery?

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    Can eye exercises strengthen the eyelid, thus avoiding surgery?

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    Can eye exercises strengthen the eyelid, thus avoiding surgery?

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    Hello. I thank you very much for this video which finally convyed what^s wrong with my left eye. My left eyelid is drooping like this. I visited an eye specialist in Germany, she told there is nothing wrong. Because she was just focusing on my vision which is ofocurse fine. Kindly please let me know what causes this eye drooping and how can i fix it without surgery?

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    Do you know a cost of this type of surgery? I'm having the same problem and i'm looking to fix it in Ireland.

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    I have OPMD and had ptosis repair 7 yrs ago. My lids now cover my pupils again. Can you recommend a surgeon in the Phoenix, AZ or SoCal area?

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    wat is if d lower eye lid is entrapped n moved downward n nt regaining its position…actually i went thru surgery n ders complication like dat …any exercise for dis

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    is being a fat is one of the caused of droopy eyelid?

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    I'm 17 years old and my eyes are like the left eye of the woman in in the pic is this normal?? it's freaking me out and I don't know what I should do to stop it do I need surgery or smth?

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    Dr. Kotlus, i have double vision also drooping eyelids on both sometimes, i had C T scan and Cat scan on my head and chest also I had Ultrasound fro tyroid but they were clear. Please tell me is there any way to fix my eyes ,i have this for about a year, right now still taking Pyridostigmine Bromide and I do not see any improve though. Thanks very very much, Sandy Sanasith

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