Skin Treatment

The Dermalogica Skin Treatment is customized for your skin

Dermalogica burned my skin. I used the flash firm spray (three sprays), the moisturizing eye cream (a pea size), and the moisture facial cream (a pea size). I had extremely bad redness that felt like a tender sore bruise and looked like a bad sunburn, extreme puffiness and major MAJOR itchiness. This all happened immediately and lasted for 3 days. It was AWFUL. I will never ever use Dermalogica again. Ever. Hate it! HATE THAT PRODUCT LINE. Terrible. Nothing I used worked to calm it down except drinking a ton of water and constantly applying benedryl cream all over my face and that barely worked. Time was the only thing that helped me. It’s still a little puffy and it sucks to look like this. I hate Dermalogica forever. Forever!!!!´╗┐

Dermalogica. jane w. fabulosa ! beautiful! the best !! power house !! Thanks for 7 years of my life . love my training

L.O.V.E Dermalogica, AMAZING stuff, so worth every penny´╗┐